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Drew Fleshman has worked as a part time building inspector since 1996, full time inspector since 2003 and has been sole proprietor of Fleshman Construction Inspectors since January 2006. Drew is a second generation building inspector and a fourth generation carpenter.

Fleshman Construction Inspectors are locally owned and operated and have been performing inspections since the early 1990's. Kirk Fleshman started the family owned inspection business and performed thousands of inspections in his 15+ years of work in the field. He is a consultant for the company and is available to provide professional services such as dispute resolution, legal services and project oversight. 

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Fleshman Construction Inspectors
Drew Fleshman -
Owner/Licensed Home Inspector #331
PO Box 1333 – Mount Vernon, WA 98273
Phone: 360 708 4000 FAX: 360 707 5910